Monday, 13 May 2013

Ottawa Comiccon 2013

The cutest people at the convention were definitely these fuzzy characters!
I found a Hexadecimal!
I even found a second AndAIa!

Ottawa comiccon 2013 was a blast!

I decided to go with AndrAIa from reboot for my costume this year. The trident was tricky to make but I think it turned out quick well. I was lucky enough to find pants the right colour / pattern and modified shirt and boots I found at Value Village. The accessories (starfish hair pin, belt, necklace, arm fins, leg fins) were all constructed from various craft materials.
Seeing everyone dressed up was a blast. There were plenty of Batmans and Jokers, and I even managed to find a few other Reboot characters. The panels were great, I think my favorite was the Star Trek Improv (The Laugh of Kahn!). There were plenty of great vendors (I managed to find a fantastic digital art book) as well as lots of incredibly talented artists (including Petri Ratanen who makes stained glass sci-fi / comic-book characters).

Stay Fabulous!

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Pin up girls: Beauty never dies!

Beauty Never Dies

A lovely pair of pin up girls, dead and alive! I had a lot of fun illustrating these comical Pin-Up girls. These were given away as a prize at an event I recently went to.

Stay Fabulous,