Friday, 21 December 2012

Mini Portfolio of Process Work!

Have you ever wondered what goes into designing a product? Well now you can find out! I'm sorry. That sounded like an infomercial.
But really you should go check it out.

Woah! I have a new website!
Okay, well it's not really a website, so much as a mini portfolio. I used Wix to make it, which is always lots of fun to work with. The portfolio aims to describe my method of working on a project, from the very first step (research) to the final product features (including how I build the look-alike model).

Of course this is not the one and only way to design, each person has their own preferred methods, and even mine adapt to the project I'm working on. I alway find the most challenging part is finding the right direction to put your project in. It has to be logical and practical enough that the project will be successful, yet entertaining and fun enough to satisfy the client (and also keep me entertained). However, that challenge is part of what makes design so fun! 

Visit my portfolio here:

How do you get you self going on projects (DIY, Design, academic or otherwise)? Let me know in the comments!

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