Friday, 24 October 2014

Side Project: Kitchen Garden Concept Sketches

As one of my industrial design projects this year, I've begun to design a small scale garden suitable for urban kitchens, such as those in apartments with little to no natural light. You can read my research and initial project drivers here. The following images are part of my concept development and preliminary design ideas.

My three main ideas are:

     1. A Closed Terrarium with built-in LEDs.

     2. An Open Garden with a Central Water Reservoir and built-in LEDs

     3. An Open Garden with a Removable Water Reservoir and built-in LEDs

I've also included a series of concepts for paper pulp package seedlings to enhance the success of plant growth. I've decide to use traditional growing methods (geoponics) for the simplicity and accessibility. 

(More Sketches after the break)

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