Thursday, 5 March 2015

Fourth Year Major Project Process: Testing and Prototyping Collapsible Tanks


Longido, Tanzania suffers from chronic water shortages which lead to a variety of related problems including poor health and sanitation. Collection of water in Longido is an inefficient process, with negative impacts affecting mainly women and children. Women and girls spend a large portion of the day collecting water from a town reservoir, waiting in line for several hours, or walking up to 10 kilometers to gather water from the fresh water springs on Mount Longido. When it rains, people put out buckets to collect the rain, but most of the water goes uncollected and is washed away in seasonal rivers, sometimes leading to flooding.

Problem Statement

There is a critical need in the community for solutions related to water collection and storage. Solutions must be financially viable and technologically appropriate. The solutions should reduce the effort people must make to collect water and provide better long term storage.


The project direction has gone through many changes. Very early research focused on agriculture and related issues. After examining the root issues associated with farming in Longido, water was identified as a main problem.

This led the research towards rain water collection, specifically in the form of eaves troughs. After visiting Longido, however, it was found that there were very few solutions in place to support the storage of rain water. Making note of this, the direction of the project now focuses on water storage for domestic use.

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